48 hours left to back The Murder Club Kickstarter!

Hello everyone!

48 hours to go

That’s right, it’s been a month already :O

Only two days to go on The Murder Club Kickstarter and it’s looking promising, but needs that final nudge over the line.

We’re currently just shy of 60% funded, and I’m hoping those following the project who haven’t yet pledged will get the automated “48 Hours” emails and slap down some cash – I know that’s when I usually pledge myself.

If you’ve already pledged (many thanks!) don’t forget to share my tweets and facebook posts about it so more people know. I’ve included the links to my social media below – hope to connect with you on there.

An interview

Recently I was interviewed by the lovely people at A Place To Hang Your Cape (AP2HYC) and it’s just gone live: https://ap2hyc.com/2018/05/interview-tony-cooper-creator-murder-club/

Cilck through to discover my influences for The Murder Club, some insights into the characters of Lisa and Tom, and to find out some of my favourite movies, TV and comics.

A page for you

And now I present to you an exclusive finished page… *ta-dah*

TMC Page 11

Where is Lisa going? What’s with the booties? And what is she going to do/find inside that house? Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure, and that’s to pledge for your copy of Part 2 right now! 😀

Thanks, Tony.