Funny Man – Graham Linehan

I’ve just been reading Graham Linehan’s memoir, d

Counting Dead Women – Vigil in Coventry

Next Saturday, the 25th November, is Internat

How Germany Remembers Past Wars

Typically, on Remembrance Sunday in Britain, many

Am I Bad Enough to be Good?

Did you know that there are publishing houses tha

Men Don’t Gossip I have it on the highest authori

A Word in the News

There is a word that was in the news a lot last w

Bird Talk

I’m seeing a lot of robins about at the moment, n

Mother Tongue

I’ve just purchased a Kindle copy of Mother Tongu

On Logic and the Literal Truth

I had an eleven-year-old relative staying with me

Meet Jamie Orton, Film Earlsdon Volunteer

Today’s blog will be of interest to film lovers i

Meet Author A.A. Abbott

Today, I’m handing my blog over to a regular cont

“Was Bostin, Now Busted”

The Crooked House, once Britain’s wonkiest pub, w

What is a Woman?

Songs have been written about them for centuries and we thought we knew what, or rather…

Getting Steamed Up About a Sauna

I’m just back from Finland, a beautiful country with many lakes to swim in, and to…

A word About Queer

June was Pride Month and this weekend has seen Trans Pride in London and elsewhere. Along…

Meet Playwright Andrew Sharpe

For many years a partner in a law firm in Coventry UK, Andrew has been a…

Beta Readers

On occasion I act as a beta reader. I am currently beta reading the latest psychological…

Need the Loo?

Are you a sitzpinkler or a stander? If you are scratching your head at this question,…

John Steinbeck’s Writing Tips

In March 1919, John Steinbeck wrote to Maralyn Monroe asking for a signed photograph ‘for his…

In Praise of Eulogies

Maybe you have noticed I haven’t written a blog post for a few weeks. No? Ah…

Coronation Poem

Simon Armitage is the Poet Laureate – a post that is coveted more for the prestige…

You couldn’t make it up …

Fact, it is often said, is stranger than fiction. Put another way – you couldn’t make…

Words Matter – Just Check Out the 2021 Census

Every adult in England and Wales knows about the 2021 Census, and the findings have been…

The Law – a Costly Indulgence for Writers

Gwyneth Paltrow has been in the news recently. Terry Sanderson, a retired optometrist, took her to…

Welsh Latin – and the meaning of love

I wrote in my last blog about the surprising amount of Latin that still influences everyday…