Narrative Voice

 The narrative voice is the voice of the storyteller, that is, the author.

Websites for Picture Book Creators

 Here’s a great list of websites of use to picture book authors and illustrators.

Revise and Resubmit

 What does it mean if you receive a revise and resubmit from an agent or editor,…

Picture Book Revision

 How can you revise your picture book to make it the best it can possibly be?…

Series Arcs

 Does your series require an overall arc or can each book be stand alone?

Moving From Scene to Scene

 How do you get your reader from one scene to the next?

Traditional vs. Self Publishing

 There are pros and cons of both traditional and self-publishing.

On and Off the Page

 How do you decide what events to put on the page in scenes and what to…

Novels in Verse

 Here are three tips for writing a novel in verse.

Book Editors

 When (and if) should you hire a freelance book editor?


 What’s the best way to use a flashback to give information about your characters and past…

Compelling Scenes

 How to use MRUs (motivation reaction units) to write great scenes.

Planning Your Novel

 Here are seven tips to plan your novel.

Stage Directions

 We don’t need to know your character walked to the door, reached for the knob, twisted…

Publishing Auctions

 What does it mean if your book goes to auction, and what are the different types?…

Author Bios

 You will often be asked to provide an author bio, so you should have ones of…

Virtual Book Tours

Here’s how to have a book tour without leaving your house. 

Negative Feedback

How do you turn that seemingly negative feedback into a positive change for your manuscript? 

Being a Podcast Guest

 How do you get asked to be on podcasts and, more importantly, what can you do…

Literary Techniques

 Picture books are the perfect place to use all those literary techniques you learned about in…

An Agent’s Day

 An agent does so much more work than reading queries and editing manuscripts.

Secondary Characters

 Just because a character is secondary, that doesn’t mean your description should be any less vivid.…

Marketing Tips

 It’s great that your book is published, but now you need to find readers for it.…

Chapter Books

Chapter books help young readers transition from picture books to middle grade books.

Present or Past

 Which tense is the best one to use in telling your story?