Graphic Novels

 Here’s an example of creating a graphic no

New to Children’s Writing

 Here are five things to do if you’re new t

Historical Fantasy

 Combine myth and fantasy to create historical fa

Publishing Timeline

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Author Voice

 When you’re writing in deep point of view,

Pitching to Media

 How to you pitch your book to media in a way tha

Characters’ Knowledge

 Characters can just know things without it havin

Rejection Letters

 Why don’t agents explain their rejection l

Character Personality

 Your characters’ personalities help your r

Author Platform

Having an author platform is not mandatory for ma

Character Development Exercises

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Great Characters

Here are some hints for developing great characte

Newsletter Freebies

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What Are Agents/Editors Looking For

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Pen Names

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Street Teams

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Query Letters

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Types of Editors

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Kids’ Book Blogs

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Verbal Comedy

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Author Visits

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Action Scenes

 Good action scenes are all about the characters.

Ableist Tropes

 Watch out in your writing for these common ablei


 How can you use the plotstorming technique when

Writing Rules

 Here are some unusual writing rules that should