Story Mistakes

 Here are some common mistakes in writing stories.

Rights vs. Copyrights

 What’s the difference between rights and copyrights?

Graphic Novels and Hybrids

 Graphic novels and hybrids are formats and can be any genre such as mystery, fantasy, etc.…

Time in Stories

 An easy way to keep track of time in your story is by putting all the…

Picture Book Templates

 Even if you’re not an illustrator, it helps to make a picture book dummy to check…

Picture Book Biography

 Why do you need a narrative structure in a picture book biography?

Physical Descriptions

 How do you write physical descriptions without it being an infodump?


How to write an ending that satisfies your readers. 

Character Names

 There’s power in your characters’ names.

Bloated Word Counts

 How do you trim your word count without sacrificting your story?

Nonfiction Titles

 Here are some tips for choosing a great title for your nonfiction book.

Middle Grade or Young Adult

 How do you tell if you’re writing a middle grade or young adult novel?

Character Description

 In what detail should you describe your character’s appearance?

Website Content

 Gather together all the information you need before building or updating your website.

Evaluating a Story Idea

 Is your idea worth expanding into a story?

Character Arc

 How do you make sure your story has a character arc?

Picture Book Biographies

 There are many ways to approach writing a picture book biography.

Powerful Endings

 Here are some hints to make your ending more powerful.

Complex Plots

 How do you untangle a complex plot?

Publishing Industry

 Here are ten things no one tells you about the publishing industry.

Author Websites

Why is it important for an author to have a website? 

Structural Timing

 Often called the beats in your story, the structural timing reflects the pacing of your story.…

Marketing Strategies

 The first marketing strategy is to start early–before your book comes out.

Publishing Terms

 Here’s a list of about 150 publishing terms and jargon.

Continuing Your Book Promotion

 Here are ways to continue promoting your book long after the initial launch.