Back to the Drawing Board…Keyboard

I’m not generally missing in action for a m

Impact of A Character’s Looks on their Lives

By Elaine L.

New Year’s Resolutions are so Passé

By Elaine L.

My Elephant in the Room

By Elaine L.

Blogs for Mystery Writers

By Elaine L.

How Life Experiences Affect Writing — Even if You Don’t Know it

By Elaine L.

Gun Metaphors in Everyday Language

By Elaine L.

The Reality Balancing Act

By Elaine L.

Reading Books with Libby

I have read books with Kindle, Nook, and on my co

Never Forgetting

Elaine L.

When History and Family History Merge

By Elaine L.

The Camera in Your Mind

By Elaine L. Orr Or is it a digital player?  I see images very clearly. Probably…

Dangling Words on a Clothesline

 By Elaine L. Orr I heard the phrase “dangling words on a clothesline” the other day…

Metaphors and Similes: A Love-Hate Relationship

Metaphors and similes are sometimes my friend and sometimes drive me bonkers. In Star Trek IV…

Writing Now Instead of Wishing Later that You’d Done It

By Elaine L. Orr I’m going to do something I don’t usually do in a blog…

When a Hobby Leads to Mysteries

 By Elaine L. Orr Most of my mystery series come about because I’m interested in a…

Visiting Family History Series Locale Was a Blast

By Elaine L. Orr Earlier in May, I visited Garrett County, Maryland, which houses the (fictional)…

Writing in Chunks When You’re Stuck

 An earlier post on Irish Roots Author discussed writing scenes out of order. Why? It can…

What Rules Your World?

By Elaine L. Orr I think about what rules our lives on different days. For example,…

When the First Draft Becomes a Way to Reorganize

By Elaine L. Orr I am a fairly efficient writer — I wrote nonfiction for work…

When You Want to Write Something Other than Books

By Elaine L. Orr In another universe, or at least another part of my life, I…

So Many Writing Resources to Choose From

First of all, I was so tempted to say, “From which to choose,” but I chided…

Am I Trying to Write Two Books Instead of One?

By Elaine L. Orr I’ve been working on New Lease on Death (13th Jolie Gentil cozy) for…

How Much is too Much in Describing a Fictional Universe?

Writers need to know a great deal about their characters and the worlds in which they…

Check Out Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

At least once a week I read about enhancing writing skills. In the “old days” I…