Poetry Day: Inspiration Eating Wall

(This is about ideas that grow and then are des

Poetry Day: In Memory of Clear Nonsense

Yahoo Image Search (This is a weird one.

Developing Strong and Believable Characters

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How to Become a Murderer

No, I’m not gonna tell you how to get away wit

Interruption – Sharing A Book Tour

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Outlining Finesse, Part 4

By Stephen Geez This is the final installment

Big Changes With Amazon’s Vella Program

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The Last Guest House by Caroline Mitchell

“The Last Guest House” by Caroline Mitchell, s

Words That Pack A Punch – Part 3

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Poetry Day: I Remember This Day

Yahoo Image Search (Funny meme aside, this was

What Writers Should Know! Part Three: Setting

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What’s Happening in the Writer’s World–March

Jacqui here at Story Empire with the March edi

Babylon by Michelle Cameron

“Babyon” by Michelle Cameron is an intriguing

Writing Through the Generations: The Millennials

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Designing eye-catching book covers – poetry

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Groundhog’s Day

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Can You Use AI in Fiction Writing?

My day job is that of content writer—or “conte

Poetry Day: Here We Are Again

Bullet Train (I don’t remember the specific ev

What writers should know! Part one: Grammar

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The Mental Game of Writing — Mindset

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Poetry Day: Haiku Collection 2

(Other half of the haiku collection.

Poetry Day: Haiku Collection 1

Google Image Search (Today and next Thursday a

Artificial Intelligence… again

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Metaphysical Elements in Fiction Writing – Wrap-up

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Finessing Dialogue, Part 3

By Stephen Geez This wraps my 3-part “Finessin